Yacht Deliveries - Power and Sail

Any where on the US East Coast

Captain Shawn Tibbetts provides yacht delivery services to move power and sail boats anywhere on the U.S. East Coast, provides yacht charter services, as well as instruction in Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing, navigation, boat handling/maneuvering and sailing.

Our Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing instruction is based on years of successfully catching these magnificent fish. This is normally a two day process. We will start with a complete inspection of the vessel, permits, paperwork, and associated gear, Rods, Reels, ect. We will then provide written recommendations as to what is needed, where it can be purchased and why.  Day two is on the water training. On day two, you will travel to the fishing grounds and chase the fish. We explain everything in detail and will do our best to catch and land a giant.

During yacht delivery, the safe and efficient delivery of your yacht or vessel is our #1 priority. Regardless of where you may want your yacht delivered, we will provide you with peace of mind, reliability, and safety in every delivery.  We take pride in treating each vessel as if it were our own.

Captains Fees are negotiated in advance based on various factors including: size of the boat, specific services desired and expected run time. Prices start as low as $300/day plus out-of-pocket expenses. A typical delivery would include: Captains pay, mates pay, and out of pocket expenses.

Fees are kept simple and straightforward. For the safety of your vessel and the delivery crew, it is preferred to have at least 2 crew members aboard. Boat owners are encouraged to accompany the delivery in which case a mate charge may not be necessary.

Expenses are usually limited to travel to and from the boat, meals, dockage and fuel. If repairs are necessary during the voyage, they would be discussed with the owner prior to any work taking place.

Our fees include the following services:

  •     Complete safety inspection of the boat upon arrival
  •     Boat is kept impeccably clean each day of the voyage
  •     On the final day, the boat is completely washed and the interior is cleaned (head, galley, staterooms, salon, engine room, etc.)
  •     Full written report at the conclusion of the voyage which includes all itemized expenses with receipts, ships log, fuel consumption, MPG, Average speed, miles traveled, engine and generator hours, and both daily and average fuel burn.
  •     Daily contact with the owner via cell phone and email (when traveling offshore this service may not be available).

Please email: captshawntibbetts@gmail.com or call 207-503-0368 for a free, no obligation estimate.